Abrogender Flag
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Blue: to represent the trans flag and recognize that we can still id as trans if we choose to Green: to represent the genderqueer flag and recognize that we can id as genderqueer if we choose to White: because the middle line of the abrosexual and abroromantic flags are white and I wanted to unify all us abros together Purple: the blur of societal norms to remind us that it’s okay to break them Black: to represent the nonbinary flag and recognize that we can id as nonbinary if we choose to
Edit: Purple also represents the genderfluid flag to show solidarity with our changing gender siblings and that we can often overlap and identify as both!1

Abrogender Flag Rough Draft
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Abrogender is a fancy way of saying you're Polygender defined as "a gender that changes so fast that it can not be pinned down and/or having so many tiny aspects that you feel like you are continuously discovering your gender."

Based on abrosexual

History of the term

Abrogender was coined on or before January 6, 2018 by tumblr user telescopephil. The flag was created by uncommongenders on January 16, 20182, based on a rough sketch by tumblr user abrogender, which was created on January 14, 2018.3

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