Abracanonbinary Flag
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Abracaboy Flag
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Abracagirl Flag
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Abracagender Flag
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Abracagender is a mythologender defined as "A gender that feels magical and seems to appear and disappear at random, leaving you without a gender.
Can be used as a prefix to any gender (Abracapangender, Abracademigender, etc)"1


Abracagirl: Abracagender but always possessing a feminine feeling.2
Abracaboy: Abracagender but always possessing a masculine feeling.3
Abracanonbinary: Abracagender but always possessing a nonbinary feeling.4

History of the term

Abracagender was coined on or before July 18, 2018 by tumblr user beanjamoose. The flags were created at the same time.5

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender magic’s the real deal,
but if you’ve any doubt,
I’ll stick my hand in my gender
and pull a rabbit out.


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