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80's-coric is an aesthetigender defined as "an aesthetigender that describes oneself as encompassing the vibe of the 1980’s; the bright neon lights, the filth of the cities, the bold sense of color and dress, the unabashedly forward music, the deliberate nonconformity of the artists, and so forth….this is a gender one may use to describe a nonbinary sort of alignment, that is very intense and ever-present in other areas of one’s life; a gender that has no ‘ideal’ presentation, and that was shaped partially by neurodivergence.
This may be used in conjunction with other aesthetigenders, neurogenders, or otherkind-based genders, and has no specific, singular set of pronouns attached."1

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History of the term

80's-coric was coined on July 7, 2019 by tumblr user ferithrophic. The flag was created at the same time.2

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