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Cryptosexual Flag
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Cryptosexual (/-romantic/-platonic/-aesthetic/-queerplatonic/-sensual/-alterous) is a mytholosexuality defined as "A sexual orientation one cannot discern, describe or define in our current English vocabulary/words because one is puzzled by it. There is no pattern to how you feel/don’t feel sexual orientation. Any time you attempt to think of a way to describe your sexual orientation, you just feel “lost”.
Attraction to mythological creatures (cryptids)."1

History of the term

Cryptosexual was coined on September 2, 2017 by SynHeart on Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags. The flag was created at the same time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Though I am a person,
my gender can’t be contained
by the gender binary
or within the human brain
(even though all the concepts
included in that list
are things that humans understand
and that they know exist.)


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