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Coined on or around November 16, 2016 by tumblr user theangrybi.1


This term is pronounced “alt-eh-gender.”
It is derived from shortening the phrase “alternate existence.” It is a xenogender that feels as though it’s in a parallel dimension, on a different plane, in a mirror universe, or just in an alternate existence.
It can work as a prefix with other words to form more specific genders, like altegirl, alteboy, altenby, altexirl, altexoy, and altefluid.2

History of the term

Altegender was coined on or around November 16, 2016 by tumblr user theangrybi.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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In a parallel dimension,
on another plane,
I am not a cishet, for
I’m brave enough to feign
that I am stargender,
the gender of the sun,
in that other world
where gender’s just for fun.


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