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Ergender Flag
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Colour Meanings:
-The pinkish colour at the top represents femaleness
-The blue colour at the bottom represents maleness
-The neon blue band in the middle represents nonbinary
-The dark blue stripe underneath the neon band represents a primordial soup of gender (the something else you may experience, and this may be anything at all)

Ergender is a fancy way of saying genderfluid/polygender defined as "a little bit boy, a little bit girl, a little bit nonbinary, and the rest of your identity is something else.1"

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History of the term

Ergender was coined on or before June 12, 2018 by tumblr user arigenderdefender.[2] The flag was created on that date by deviantart user Technologyfurs (aka keikothebat[3] on tumblr).[4]

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