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Ophiuchusgender Flag 3
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Ophiuchusgender Flag 2
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Ophiuchusgender Flag 1
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Ophiuchusgender is a zodiacgender defined as "a subset of polygender or genderfluid where all of the genders involves are zodiac genders. May be just a few or all of the other zodiac genders."1

History of the term

Ophiuchusgender was coined on January 16, 20172 by anonymous. The first flag was created by Pride-Flags on Deviant-Art on that date.3 The second and third flag were created on January 18, 2017 by anonymous via Pride-Flags on Deviantart. [4][5]

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I’m the thirteenth sign
of the western zodiac–
my gender’s Ophiuchus,
don’t give me any flak;

It really makes total sense
that I don’t find MOGAI horrific,
because both it and astrology
are psuedo-scientific.

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