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Egogender/Charagender Flag 2
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Egogender/Charagender Flag 1
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Charagender is an Fictigender defined as "a gender that is strongly connected to one or more fictional characters. individuals who identify as charagender may base their gender identity on their favourite character(s), e.g. charaboy, charagirl, charanonbinary, etc."1
A later definition of charagender is as a synonym of egogender: "A gender which can only be described as the individual. It is so personal to you that no other word can describe it but “you”. One may also use (name)gender with their name inserted for a synonymous term. Egogirl has some connection to femininity."2

History of the term

Charagender was coined before January 1, 2015 by unknown.3 The flags were created on August 22, 2015 by pastelmemer4 and September 7, 2015 by helkie-three5

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender’s ears are batlike,
my gender’s nose is thin
My gender loves to knit me socks–
I’m a hero to him.

Yes, my gender’s tied to Dobby,
I see him in myself,
for– just like my gender–
he is a free elf.


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