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Breadgender is a gastrogender defined as "a gender that starts off soft and fresh and grows stale and boring over time."1

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History of the term

Breadgender was coined on August 8, 2018 by anonymous via Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags2


Metalligender Flag
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Black: for black metals but also for how metalligender people might feel alienated in the community by exorsexists and anti mogai people and how the gender is solid, and hard.
Light gray: the metal silver, platinum and others and near to the color white, which stands for that anyone can identify as metalligender
Gold: the metal gold and is close to yellow, which is a colour often used as a non binary colour and is the only primary colour that isn’t red or blue
Red/orange: the metal bronze but also the colour of rust, which can signify how the individual changes over time
The red/orange is also there to show how metals can me mixes of other metals and also shows how complicated gender is and that mettaligender people don’t have to be restricted to only that label.
The crown: to show how special and important mettaligender people are and also the rarity of the gender itself (personally I don’t know that many people who identify as such, at least)

Metalligender is an Aesthetigender defined as "a gender influenced/or related to by precious metals."1

Table of Contents

History of the term

Metalligender was coined on August 8, 2018 by an anonymous submitter to Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags.2 The flag was created on September 3, 2018 by tumblr user fluffyfurbies via Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags.3


Toyneutral Flag
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Toymasculine Flag
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Toyfeminine Flag
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Toygender Flag 2
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Toygender Flag 1
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Toygender is an Aesthetigender defined as "a gender that feels like a miniature simplified “toy” replica of real gender; alternately, a gender identity that feels connected to toys or a toy aesthetic in some way."1

History of the term

Toygender was coined on August 8, 2018 by tumblr user bowling-with-skulls via Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags. The first two flags were created at the same time.2 The feminine/masculine/neutral flags were created on April 13, 2019 by arco-pluris on BMPF.345

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