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Liongender Flag
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•stripe design: i borrowed this specific arrangement of stripes from the demiboy and demigirl flags.
•blue stripes: masculinity, nobility, honor
•red stripes: masculinity, strength, compassion
•black, grey, and white gradient stripes: fluidity of self and identity, acceptance of self
•gold stripes: authority, royalty, pride, and luxury
•pure white stripe: gender neutrality, peace, self actualization
the general idea behind these flags is that they represent acceptance and combination of multiple simultaneous gender feelings under one banner, aesthetically associated with a masc-presenting sense of luxury, chivalry and majesty. this is a strongly masc-leaning gender concept because i do not identify with femininity or being female.

Liongender is a faunagender defined as "the name comes from the fact that [the coiner] love[s] lions and feel[s] a strong personal connection to them…a very fluid and highly personal identity…sort of a happy encompassing of male, agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, and nonbinary"1

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History of the term

Liongender was coined on August 30, 2019 by tumblr user liongender. The flag was created at the same time.2


Trennian Flag
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Trennian is a neurogender defined as "a gender caused by or due to dissociation, depersonalization and/or derealization, that is grey and feels like static. It is unknown and abstract, a paradox of both being yours and not yours at the same time, and feels dreamlike but not quite at the same time…the name is from the german word “trennen”, which means “to separate”."1

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History of the term

Trennian was coined on August 30, 2019 by tumblr user divinediamour. The flag was created at the same time by tumblr user diamourloving (aka hauntedmlm).2


Unknowngender Flag
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Unknowngender (or gender unknownness/unknowledge) is a fictigender defined as "having an unknown gender identity or expression; being unknowingly gender identified; when one’s gender/s is/are not known; different from being uingender in the sense that you don’t define yourself under one gender term…The flag is based on “none”, “neither”, “neuter” and “both” flags, while genderunknown is based on genderneutral. [the coiner] saw this symbol in PGo Pokédex, as for pokémons that are unknown-gender (sometimes considered genderless)."1

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History of the term

Unknowngender was coined on August 30, 2019 by tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags. The flag was created at the same time.2

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