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Sentigender Flag
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Sentigender is a Relationship-Based Gender defined as "a gender that is only felt in the absence of a sexual/romantic partner (note: only to be used by female-attracted persons)
from the latin term “sentire” meaning “feel”"1

History of the term

Sentigender was coined on or before April 20, 2015 by shiny-bean.2 Though Shiny-Bean was openly trolling3 , the flag made it onto pretty much every major MOGAI blog and list as its own term or as a synonym for emotugender. It is still circulating today. The flag was created on June 15, 2016 by Valeweaver on Deviantart.4

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MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Yeah, maybe you’re single,
but check the gender details:
You can’t use this gender term
unless you’re into females.


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